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Pawna Lake Camping

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Pawna Lake Camping Best seen by the lakeside Pawna Lake

At Pawana Tent Camping, unwind, enjoy the amusement, and enjoy lots of outdoor fire gathering. At Pawna Lake Lonavala's backwaters, we organize Pawna Lakeside Camping. The picturesque camping spot provides a seductive viewpoint of the lake, which is arranged close inside the Sahyadris' central point. The brain is strengthened by barbecue, scrumptious meals, and adventurous sports like archery, badminton, cricket, volleyball, carrom board, and chess. Our camping area is brightly lit thanks to the assistance of a power generator, guaranteeing a peaceful experience for our guests. Couples, families, and lone rangers can find a variety of amenities at campgrounds, including security, protection, and opportunity.

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