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Pawana Lakeside Camping

Book your stay at this beautiful Pawana Lakeside Camping, campsite. Clean & Sanitized camps. Includes tent accommodation, evening snacks, BBQ starters, dinner, breakfast, and bonfire. Amenities: Bonfire, Barbeque, Dinner, Breakfast, Evening Snacks. book Today now Pawana lake site's Pawana tent camp


Pawana Lakeside Camping

Relax, feel the diversion, and have large amounts of the outside fire meeting outside at Pawana Tent Camping. We coordinate Pawna Lakeside Camping at the backwaters of Pawana Lake Lonavala. The lovely camping area offers a beguiling point of view on the lake, organized just inside the focal point of the Sahyadris. Barbecue, sumptuous meals, and adventure activities like archery, badminton, cricket, volleyball, carrom board, and chessboard make the brain more empowered. With the support of a power generator, our camping area is well illuminated, ensuring an undisturbed experience for our clients. Sorts of various campground couples, families, and lone rangers you will get like security, protection, and opportunity.

We also give various heaps of tents for camping nearby for encounters. Visit our group portion to fathom the specific nuances of the equivalent. We also alter essentials to supply you with what you could need. Thus, we would be delighted to return alongside your requests to serve an infinitely better experience.

Pawana Lake camping excursions are great because of their investigating and skill-building nature, and they're a decent movement. There's always one thing concerning residence extras that distinguishes the endeavor from normal non-home excursions. It's not consistently that someone spends an evening inside the tents near the lakeshore at the foot of the mountain. On the off chance that you're attempting to observe such superb skill, the Pawana tent camping is the place where your fantasy works out as expected.

Image by Prajwal Shetty
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Adventure & Experience

Near by Pawana  adventure in  Fort 4 points

exp: loahagad / visapur / Tung & tikona ( kathin gad)


covid rules

Top COVID rules for guest campers

1.Carry sanitizers

2. Use a mask outside the tent

3. Keep a safe distance

4.prefer scan pay

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