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About Pawana Lake

Pawana Lake Camping is a nice place to visit which is located near Mumbai and Pune. where lakeside camping is done at the campground. In that tent-stay is provided. you have to choose an appropriate camping package in that you will get Evening Snacks, Barbecue, Dinner, breakfast, etc.

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And you will reach there by train, bus, private bike, private car, and also by Cab by searching in google how to reach Pawana lake camping and best route to Pawana lake camping and best route to Pawana lake, etc.

Pawna lake Lonavala

Camping at Pawana Lake Lonavala

The "Pawana Lake” is the place where you feel so calm. Pawana Lake is a camping ground placed near the lake so it's also known as “Pawana Lakeside camping“. We Provide one-night tent stay for guests with sharing tents. There are stay packages which included food.

Overnight Camping at Pawana Lake Camping, Stay warm by staying beside the campfire, surrender to the emptiness of the location, witness the shades of water going from silver to orange to navy, and gaze at the stars while feasting on your BBQ meal. Our neighborhood is Tung Fort, Lohagad Fort, Tikona Fort, Visapur Fort, Lions Point, Prati Pandharpur, Satya Sai Baba, Bhushi Dam, Karla Caves, Base Caves, Bhaje Caves, etc.

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